Energy recovery from hot gases - gas flaring

Exhaust gas flows from combustion, other processes and other energy sources.

The energy recovery system, installed on the oil tower, produces mechanical energy, which can be immediately used (for example to operate pumps) and mainly to transform it into electrical energy.

Overall, in certain periods of time, it can produce more energy than that resulting from the combustion of methane rising from the well and, under certain conditions, it produces a reduced amount of energy even in the absence of combustion.

It significantly reduces the phenomenon of venting, with the same crude extracted from a well, it reduces the quantity of unburnt gas dispersed into the atmosphere.

It can be equipped with filters for the abatement of environmental pollution.

Electricity can be stored with accumulator batteries.

The energy recovery unit can be coupled with a potential mechanical energy accumulator for the direct storage of mechanical energy without the prior transformation into electrical energy. Mechanical energy, when needed, is subsequently transformed into electrical energy.